Panel Discussion : Battle of the price benchmarks

Review of LNG Price Benchmarks
• Hub history: current hubs & where the next hub locations might be
• Hub checklist: requirements for a successful hub: storage, pipeline access, players, stage of gas market maturity
• Why hubs matter: benchmarks provide greater transparency and confidence for stakeholders
• Development of LNG derivatives market
• Overview of main Asia gas hubs
• Status of JKM (traded volumes, players, liquidity..)
• Will JKM remain the key Asian benchmark?
• Overview of European gas hubs
• Traded volumes, players & liquidity
• The reasons for TTF’s growth in status?
The US
• Overview of main US hubs, and basis of price differentials
• Relation of Henry Hub to AECO (past, present and future) given US LNG and Canadian LNG project development
• Influence of HH on global prices
• Growth & significance of of “Waha” price index
August 9 @ 14:10
14:10 — 14:55 (45′)


Ciaran Roe, Jason Pegley, Patrick Heather, Thomas Marzec-Manser

August 9 @ 14:10
14:10 — 14:55 (45′)