Panel Discussion : Europe’s Position in the Global Gas Market

• Europe’s growing influence on Global LNG prices
• The increasing correlation between European and Asian markets
• How does this impact the U.S. LNG pricing and exports
• Potential for a price war between LNG and pipeline gas (Nord Stream 2)?
• LNG vs Pipeline Gas
• Is pipeline gas still the king benchmark in Europe?
• How much pressure can Russian pipeline gas exert on U.S LNG?
• Infrastructure: storage capacity, import terminals showing signs of strain?
• Influence of the U.S. gas market on gas price formation in Europe
October 10 @ 14:10
14:10 — 14:50 (40′)


Danielle Stoves, Matthew Drinkwater, Raquel Martínez Farreres, Torsten Frank

October 10 @ 14:10
14:10 — 14:50 (40′)