Panel Discussion : UK and EU divergence after Brexit: What is the impact on energy trading?

A look at the numerous effects and results of UK/EU divergence around financial regulations and how they are processed and managed
• How are equivalence decisions made?
• What is the Brexit impact on EMIR, REMIT, MiFID and other reporting schemes? What other political issues are affecting the UK Exchanges’ business relationships from an international and European perspective?
• A look into critical contracts and position limits rules
• Overview of ancillary activities
• Ensuring brokers compliance with their wider ranging obligations – How could that impact market participants?
December 7 @ 14:10
14:10 — 15:10 (1h)


Alexander Culley, Aviv Handler, Dirk Daveluy, Gerfried Krömer, Henrik Kaspersen, Mike Bostan

December 7 @ 14:10
14:10 — 15:10 (1h)