ETD Online – November 2022

today November 29, 2022

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Digital transformation in energy trading - Are we there yet?

Thumbnail Stephanie Grunewald-Stuehrenberg, Head of Data & Analytics, Mabanaft

Thumbnail Eddie Tofpik, Head of Technical Analysis & Senior Markets Analyst, ADM Investor Services International Ltd.

Thumbnail Ian Murrin, Founder & CEO, Digiterre

• What are the current pain points?
• What are your automation and data strategies? What architecture for what objectives?
• The human resources challenge: How do you develop data-focused teams?
• How do you make sure digitalisation reaches all corners of your organisation?

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Is the current context in energy trading changing your ETRM strategy?

Thumbnail Sören Eriksen, Head of Commercial Capabilities, Mabanaft

Thumbnail Sameer Soleja, Founder & CEO, Molecule Software

Thumbnail Alex Whittaker, General Manager, Bonroy Petchem Co ltd

Thumbnail Dr Gary M. Vasey, Managing Partner, Commodity Technology Advisory

• Real-time view, new risks covered - What are the changing needs of business?
• How are the systems adapting to these new challenges? Are we only playing catch-up?
• Legacy vs new modules: The former, the latter, a bit of both?

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Artificial intelligence in energy trading: Where can AI and machine learning help you make better business decisions?

Thumbnail Serge Rigori, CEO, Predictive Layer

Thumbnail André Bosschaart, Head of Analytics, EnAppSys

Thumbnail Gregory Balogh, Data Scientist, Energia

Thumbnail Marie Féjoz, Content Lead - Energy & Commodities, Commodities People

• Goal: Is AI the right technology that will get you to your goal? A look at real use cases
• Tools: From the starter pack to the very sophisticated set-up, what works best for each case?
• Development capabilities: What sort of human investment do you need to make?

Begin November 29, 2022 H 2:30 pm
End November 29, 2022 H 4:00 pm
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