today October 11, 2021

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LNG trading - global status update

Thumbnail Ciaran Roe, Global Director - LNG, S&P Global Platts

• Global LNG trade and the global pandemic: looking beyond Covid-19
• LNG trade & pricing in a commoditised world
• Who are the leaders in trading? In which markets?
• Supplier pressure in an increasingly competitive LNG market
• The path to short term trading
• Finance: can lenders adapt to short term contractual structures?

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Emerging trends in LNG trading and pricing

Thumbnail Daisuke Harada, Project Director, JOGMEC

Thumbnail Larissa Dantas, CEO, Potigas

Thumbnail David Callanan, Editor, Global LNG Hub

Thumbnail Rajesh Mediratta, CBO, IGX

• Will the move towards shorter-term trade for LNG continue?
• Hydrogen and competing fuels
• Impact of new buyers (China for example)
• Rising gas flow from Russia to Asia Pacific
• The emergence of portfolio players, aggregators and other new participants

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Going green with carbon neutral LNG

Thumbnail Agnieszka Ason, Visiting Research Fellow, OIES

Thumbnail Tom Holmberg, Partner, Baker Botts

Panel discussion
• The greening of LNG value chain
• Decarbonising LNG cargoes
• Enhancing environmental competitiveness of LNG markets

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What is the impact of new players entering the LNG market?

Thumbnail James O’Brien, Head of LNG Trading, EP Resources AG

Thumbnail Abhishek Kumar, Chief Analytics Officer, Energy Projections

Thumbnail Ralf Dickgreber, Global Head of Biomass and LNG, Engie

Thumbnail Danielle Stoves, Commercial and Regulatory Director, Hanseatic Energy Hub GmbH

• The emergence of portfolio players, aggregators and other new participants: FSRU & FLNG owners, Gas to Power Developers etc.
• Do new players imply new risks?
• Impact of new players on LNG contracts & prices

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Trading technology focus: an overview of digital LNG trading

Thumbnail Melissa Lindsay, Founder & CEO, Emstream & Emsurge

• What is the story so far & what we can expect going forward?
• Why is moving LNG trading online so important?
• Will the LNG follow the liquidity & transparency

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Battle of the price benchmarks

Thumbnail Ed Cox, Editor - Global LNG, ICIS

Thumbnail Gordon Bennett, Managing Director, Utility Markets, ICE

Thumbnail Ciaran Roe, Global Director - LNG, S&P Global Platts

Thumbnail Patrick Heather, Senior Research Fellow, Oxford Institute for Energy Studies

Review of LNG Benchmarks
• Hub history: current hubs & where the next hub locations might be
• Hub checklist: requirements for a successful hub: storage, pipeline access, players, stage of gas market maturity
• Why hubs matter: benchmarks provide greater transparency and confidence for stakeholders
• Development of LNG derivatives market
• Overview of main Asia gas hubs
• Status of JKM (traded volumes, players, liquidity..)
• Will JKM remain the key Asian benchmark?
• Overview of European gas hubs
• Traded volumes, players & liquidity
• The reasons for TTF’s growth in status?
The US
• Overview of main US hubs, and basis of price differentials
• Relation of Henry Hub to AECO (past, present and future) given US LNG and Canadian LNG project development
• Influence of HH on global prices
• Growth & significance of of “Waha” price index

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Europe’s position in the global gas market

Thumbnail Raquel Martínez Farreres, Energy Analyst - LNG & Natural Gas Markets

Thumbnail Matthew Drinkwater, Senior Editor - Gas, Power and LNG, Argus Media

Thumbnail Latif Faiyaz, Head of Energy Trading & Strategy, Northern Gas and Power

Thumbnail Torsten Frank, Managing Director, Trading Hub Europe

• Europe's growing influence on Global LNG prices
• The increasing correlation between European and Asian markets
• How does this impact the U.S. LNG pricing and exports
• Potential for a price war between LNG and pipeline gas (Nord Stream 2)?
• LNG vs Pipeline Gas
• Is pipeline gas still the king benchmark in Europe?
• How much pressure can Russian pipeline gas exert on U.S LNG?
• Infrastructure: storage capacity, import terminals showing signs of strain?
• Influence of the U.S. gas market on gas price formation in Europe

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Scenarios for long term LNG contracts before and after Covid-19

Thumbnail Gergely Molnar, Energy Analyst, Natural Gas, IEA

• Is this the end of long-term contracts?
• Reexamining contract adjustment mechanisms: price review clauses
• Spot vs oil-indexed price differentials
• New LNG contract cocktails?
• Gas-on-gas indexation
• Financing perspective: can lenders adapt to short term contractual structures?
• Pressure on traditional contracts from new LNG buyers (China, Asia...)

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LNG freight & shipping market outlook

Thumbnail Antonio Miranda Bonet, Head of LNG Bunkering, Naturgy

Thumbnail Keith Bainbridge, Managing Director, CS LNG Ltd

Thumbnail Mark Jackson, CEO, Baltic Exchange

• LNG freight: the vital link
• Development of short-term shipping market
• LNG freight indices / FFA’s
• Managing LNG freight risk
• Building sustainable LNG supply chains
• LNG as a marine fuel
• LNG new build carriers & procurement
• Shipping fleet supply & demand spread

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End October 11, 2021 H 5:40 pm
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