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today September 28, 2022

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Welcome from Commodities People

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Impact of recent market turmoil on energy market

Thumbnail Xavier Veillard, Partner, McKinsey

Thumbnail Joscha Schabram, Expert Associate Partner, McKinsey

• Wholesale gas price signals key to achieve “physical balance"
- Supply to Europe ramped up rapidly (diverted from other regions)
- Gas prices causing significant demand reduction
• Tight LNG supply driving correlation of gas indices globally
- Additional LNG demand from Europe results in tight market
- Gas price indices globally increasingly ‘converging

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Price volatility in energy markets: Thriving in the new abnormal

Thumbnail Christian Baer, Secretary General, EUROPEX

Thumbnail Mark Copley, CEO, EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders

Thumbnail Richard Pohl, Senior Project Manager for Green and Digital Energy, Horváth & Partners

Thumbnail Cornelia Kawann, Head of Division Market Surveillance, Federal Electricity Commission - ElCom

• A look at the past 12 months price trends: Opportunities and struggles for the front office
• From an operational perspective: What has the tightness of prices revealed? Best practices around collateral management, risk management and settlement
• Technology: What can be done to unburden other departments?
• Price caps and governments intervention: What impact for the markets? How do we restore confidence in trading?

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Security of supply vs fit for 55

Thumbnail Peter Styles, Executive Vice Chair of the Board, EFET

Thumbnail Mark Simons, Head of Gas & Power Trading Origination, TotalEnergies

Thumbnail Davide Rubini, Head of Regulatory Affairs - Gas / Power & Environmental Products EMEA, Vitol

Thumbnail Kathryn Porter, Energy Consultant, Watt-Logic

Thumbnail Mónika Zsigri, Head of Unit of DG Energy - Energy Platform Task Force, European Commission

• Do we see a shift back to fossil due to the price situation?
How can security of supply be maintained in the context of sanctions on Russian gas?
- Does Europe have any alternatives to reliance on Russian gas?
- Is LNG the solution?
- Does gas still have a role to play in the energy transition?
• What might some of the long term implications be for energy markets from current high gas prices?

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Coffee Break

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Carbon markets: Do they still fulfill their original role i.e. help decarbonise the world?

Thumbnail Guillaume Lawlor, Head of Sales & Structuring - Cross Commodity, CF Partners

Thumbnail Philip Wiltshire, Commercial Associate, Forsa Energy

Thumbnail Bruce Tozer, Strategy & Business Development, Gen 10

Thumbnail Roy Manuell, Net Zero Correspondent, Carbon Pulse

• Is standardisation possible across the board? Voluntary vs non voluntary schemes
• Overcoming measurement issues
• Distinguishing direct and indirect emissions
• What’s the future of carbon markets with sustained high prices?
• Is carbon emulating? A look at plastic markets

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Risk management for the energy transition: Renewables, batteries, and carbon

Thumbnail Pierre Lebon, Director of Analytics - EMEA,

• Challenges and risks that many organisations face as a result of the renewable energy transition
• Identifying and managing financial risk as well as tracking the net position of a variety of portfolio level attributes (e.g., cash flow, MWh, renewable energy certificates, CO2, etc.)
• Complexity involved in the renewable energy transition: How particular organisations will be affected, and what can be done to mitigate uncertainty

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PPAs role in energy transition

Thumbnail Riccardo Rossi, Head of Southern Europe Origination, Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading

Thumbnail Jorge Arenillas, VP Energy Management, Sonnedix

Thumbnail Erik Dugstad, SVP Market Analysis & Public Affairs, Vårgrønn

Thumbnail Maria Popova, Director - Carbon Neutrality and Renewable Electricity, EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders

• Geography disparities: How to close the gap in terms of regulations and policies?
• Unbalanced markets: How to encourage corporate buyers and what guarantees do they need?
• IPPs: Are PPAs the only route to market?
• Technology and PPAs: How much can you standardise?

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What role can gas play in energy transition?

Thumbnail Marta Gonzalez, Senior Advisor - Public Affairs Directorate, International Gas Union - IGU

Thumbnail Dexter Steis, CEO, Natural Gas Intelligence (NGI)

Thumbnail Philip Wiltshire, Commercial Associate, Forsa Energy

• Cleaner than coal, is natural gas the bridging energy we’re looking for?
• Switching to gas powered plants: What are the obstacles? How can they be overcome?
• Regional approach: Where and how can gas be used? For what carbon saving and what cost?

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Spotlight session: Hydrogen - Where do we go from here?

Thumbnail Lucia Alcibar Castellanos, Hydrogen Strategy & Origination Associate, EDP Renewables

Thumbnail Vincenzo Anghelone, Hydrogen Business Model Lead - Low Carbon Solution, Equinor

Thumbnail Heike Carl Zatterstrom, Chief Communications Officer, Boson Energy

Thumbnail Eric Gosseye, Solutions and Partnerships Manager, ENGIE Green Hydrogen

• Hydrogen and other green molecules at the centre of the diversification strategy at European level
• Hydrogen pricing and duration of contracts: What would be the benchmark?
• Sellers and buyers critical mass: What are we looking at to create a functioning market place? Promotion of both production and consumption of hydrogen
• Where can investment on hydrogen come from? What part of the development does it need to go to?

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Coffee break

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Optimal hedging of a PPA portfolio

Thumbnail Cyriel de Jong, Founder & CEO, KYOS

• Forecasting and simulating PPA returns in practice
• Volume hedge, value hedge or optimal hedge?
• Stack-and-roll: how to design the strategy?
• Correlations between PPA returns across markets and assets
• Proxy hedging on the most liquid markets

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Storage and batteries: Latest trends and developments

Thumbnail Mark Meyrick, Head of Smart Grids & PPAs, Ecotricity

Thumbnail Giorgio Corbetta, Senior Manager - Energy Transition, Kellen

Thumbnail Jürgen Mayerhofer, CEO & Co-founder, enspired

Thumbnail Robin Lane, Commercial Director, Gravitricity

• What are the batteries of the future?
• Battery project evaluation; What should you watch out for?
• How do you use batteries to optimise grid services and intraday positions and revenue?
• Local flexibility markets and batteries
• Battery warranties: What should you look for?
• What is the ideal battery duration?

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Drinks reception and entertainment

Begin September 28, 2022 H 9:15 am
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