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today February 14, 2023

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European power outlook for 2023

Thumbnail Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM ISI

Thumbnail Latif Faiyaz, Head of Energy Trading & Strategy, Northern Gas and Power

Thumbnail Richard Payne, Non-Executive, Cobblestone Energy

Thumbnail Martijn van Gemert, Strategy Director, Vattenfall

Thumbnail Philip Wiltshire, Commercial Associate, Forsa Energy

• COP27, war on Ukraine: What is the geopolitical context impact on European power prices?
• Looking back at the last few months: How have the markets behaved? Was it anticipated?
• Winter is not over: What do we expect the next 5 weeks to be like in terms of demand?

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Best practices for AI-driven trade optimisation - The trader’s checklist

Thumbnail Hubert Penn, Chief Commercial Officer, Dexter Energy

• What are the current challenges for price and generation forecasting?
• What are the best approaches to solve these challenges?
• How to make price and generation forecasting part of your strategic decision-making process?

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US power outlook for 2023

Thumbnail Nigeria Bloczynski, Founder & Principal, Prism

Thumbnail Sameer Soleja, Founder & CEO, Molecule Software

Thumbnail Howard Walper, CEO Americas, Commodities People

Thumbnail Teoman Guler, Head of US Power Trading, DRW Holdings

• Climate policies, war in Ukraine, midterm elections: What is their impact on power prices?
• Warmer and drier in the South, bigger snowfalls in the North: How grids are facing these weather challenges
• How is the Inflation Reduction Act shaping the power and renewables markets? What will be the long-term impact?

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How Virtual Power Plants can improve short-term power forecasts for solar and wind power plants

Thumbnail Dr. Varun Gaur, Deputy General Manager, energy & meteo systems

• Data acquisition, monitoring and validation
• Forecast combination and optimisation
• Some examples and case studies

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Power forecasting toolkit: What’s available?

Thumbnail Fabio Casamatta, Head of Trading and Execution, A2A

Thumbnail Nigeria Bloczynski, Founder & Principal, Prism

Thumbnail Brock Mosovsky, Co-Founder and VP - Analytics, cQuant.io

• Are the models adapting well to the current turmoil? Have predictions lost in accuracy as a result of the energy crisis?
• What do you do when your forecasts turn out to be wrong? How wrong can they be?
• How will your specific portfolio respond to forecast misses (sensitivity, etc.)? How can you guard against this?
• Short-term vs longer-term forecasting
• How will virtual power plants affect prices as we move toward a more distributed generation mix in the future?

Begin February 14, 2023 H 2:30 pm
End February 15, 2023 H 3:40 pm
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