Sanctions against Russia: How is energy trading affected?

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How to Stay Safe From a Natural Gas Leak

Natural gas is one of the most common home energy sources in America. Whether you use natural gas to heat your home, cook food on the stove, or power other… [Read More]

The History of Electricity (and the Future of Electric Power)

Electrical energy has always been around us, but for most of human history, we haven’t understood it or been able to control it. That all changed in the 18th and… [Read More]

Understanding Electrolysis: From Energy Production to Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the name of a scientific process that can derive hydrogen fuel from water. It’s also the name of a cosmetic procedure that uses electricity to remove unwanted hair… [Read More]

Electric Shock: What Is Is, How It Feels, and Why It’s Dangerous

An electric shock can be a mildly unpleasant sensation or a life-threatening emergency depending on the strength of the electrical current and the duration of contact. Knowing how to prevent… [Read More]

Electrical Outlets In Your Home: Everything You Need to Know

How many types of electrical outlets do you use in a given day? Chances are you have more than one type of outlet in your home, but you may not… [Read More]

Dundee renewables hub among projects honoured at Scottish Green Energy Awards

Forth Ports’ £40m renewables hub in Dundee was amongst the projects and companies honoured at the Scottish Renewables Green Energy Awards on Thursday night. The post Dundee renewables hub among… [Read More]

Atome doubles up on green hydrogen plans in Paraguay

Atome Energy has doubled the planned capacity of its project in Paraguay, while announcing the appointment of engineering companies to carry out design work. The post Atome doubles up on… [Read More]

Wintershall Dea backs CO2 hub in Danish North Sea

Wintershall Dea is to join a consortium developing a greenport hub on the Danish coast, linked to the country’s flagship Greensand carbon capture scheme. The post Wintershall Dea backs CO2… [Read More]

EU closes in on $60 cap for Russian oil as deadline looms

European Union states are starting to coalesce around a plan to cap the price of Russian crude oil at $60 a barrel, their latest attempt to clinch an agreement before… [Read More]

Aberdeen firm aims to bring geothermal energy to King Charles’ Balmoral Estate

An Aberdeen-based firm is seeking to use geothermal - a sustainable energy source produced underground - to heat King Charles’ estate at Balmoral. The post Aberdeen firm aims to bring… [Read More]

Green heating boffin Aimee crunches the numbers of 1,000 Octopus Energy customers with heat pumps to answer the question, how much does it cost to run a heat pump really? [Read More]

Director of Octopus Energy for Business Zoisa Walton has vertical markets firmly in her sights to continue her division’s staggering growth – literally so when it comes to vertical farming,… [Read More]

Energy needs to change, and fast. The only way to really discover what the right answers look like is to build solutions in the real world with real customers.As Octopus… [Read More]

Our energy specialists provide end-to-end customer support from Leicester, Brighton, London and beyond. All our staff are part of little mini-teams of [Read More]

Our energy specialists provide end-to-end customer support from Leicester, Brighton, London and beyond. Meet the team working in the heart of Leicester! [Read More]

Italy’s 2022 EV Struggle Charted Through Q3 — Plugins At 8.7% Market Share

2022 has not been a pleasant journey for plug-in vehicles in Italy. Following years of exponential growth, the spark of the EV revolution seems to have gone cold in one… [Read More]

Jetti Resources Attracts Investment From BMW i Ventures

Jetti Resources has found a way to double or triple the output of a conventional copper mine while using less energy and water. [Read More]

Superstrata Aerodynamic Finesse, Pumping Oxygen; Cycling as “Neural Fertilizer”

E-bikes are alive, with more spinning and pumping oxygen into the market every day. One finds an endless variety to meet everyone’s needs: muscle, folding, minimalist, etc. Some are huge… [Read More]

Tesla Reportedly Offering $3750 Discount for December Model 3/Model Y Deliveries

With a new year looming, and promises of the new more inclusive EV tax credit right around the corner, EV makers may be worried about finishing the year strong with… [Read More]

Audi UK Achieves 100% Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) Accreditation Across Entire Network

Audi UK is once again proving it wants to be the leading provider of sustainable mobility, this time by receiving the Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) accreditation. This marks the first… [Read More]

Led by reformer Gustavo Petro, Colombia’s new leftist government, the first in its long history, aims to both reduce its dependence on fossil fuel exports and achieve 100% clean electricity… [Read More]

South Korea is jeopardizing its ability to meet its 2030 methane reduction target under the Global Methane Pledge due to the country’s plans to massively expand fossil-based hydrogen, according to a recent study by… [Read More]

Africa will host international climate talks on 6-18 November 2022 and the African Union has been busy trying to get the rest of the world’s attention on the continent’s expectations… [Read More]

It was unthinkable that a leftist government could ever take office in Colombia – and then this summer it happened. Historically power has been held by the nation’s upper classes… [Read More]

After a year serving in Germany’s Bundestag, the climate-champion and Green MEP Kathrin Henneberger now finds herself struggling to defend the progress made by her predecessors. In response to Germany’s… [Read More]

Ten Clean Energy Stocks of 2022/3 – July Returns

Here are the numbers.  I hope to write some market commentary to go with them soon. Disclosure: Long all the stocks in the 10 Clean Energy Stocks model portfolio. The… [Read More]

Five Green REITs

by Tom Konrad Ph.D., CFA Why Green Buildings are Profitable Buildings Buildings are responsible for approximately a third of greenhouse gas emissions, so making buildings more efficient and switching them… [Read More]

By Tom Konrad, Ph.D., CFA With the launch of my (green dividend income focused) hedge fund early this year, I had to take a hiatus from publishing my annual list… [Read More]

Restarting 10 Clean Energy Stocks Series

By Tom Konrad, Ph.D., CFA With the launch of my (green dividend income focused) hedge fund early this year, I had to take a hiatus from publishing my annual list… [Read More]

Advantage Biodiesel

By Tom Konrad, Ph.D., CFA Because of rising fertilizer prices, farmers are planting more soybeans than corn.  Soybeans are a legume, meaning that they can fix their own nitrogen in… [Read More]

With more electric vehicles (EVs) of varying makes and models appearing on American roads all the time, it seems clear that the future of transportation is electric.  However, there are… [Read More]

Over the years, most Americans have typically paid a fixed price per kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity that they use at home – no matter the time of the week they… [Read More]

There are many steps you can take today to lower your power bills, decarbonize your home and otherwise become a more informed, empowered energy consumer. From getting a better grasp… [Read More]

Whether through a gas stove, a water heater, the car in your garage or the electricity coming from the power company, most American homes today still rely heavily on fossil… [Read More]

Any house can be made into a smart home. By adding just a few devices here and there, you can improve the energy efficiency, comfort, safety and convenience of your… [Read More]

The race is on. Accenture explains why US energy companies will soon be fighting to be methane-mitigation pacesetters. [Read More]

A review of energy sector M&A approaches over the past decade sheds light on four inorganic growth pathways energy companies should consider. [Read More]

Accenture and the World Economic Forum identify five actions to get industries on track for net zero. [Read More]

Accenture identifies three IT enablers of innovation that upstream operators should develop or strengthen to remodel technology. [Read More]

Learn about the six key insights into why—and how—the energy transition must be accelerated. [Read More]

Brittany has improved its Paimpol-Bréhat tidal test site to consolidate its international position. [Read More]

The company progresses towards the implementation of a 1 GW wind energy project. [Read More]

SMA America, and Powin have signed a two-year framework agreement for the supply of SMA system solutions for a total of 2 GW of storage capacity as well as for… [Read More]

Susie Lind has been appointed as new Managing Director, overseeing the partnership as they seek to develop floating offshore wind projects in the UK. [Read More]

MOZAÏK Energies and GALILEO have set up a strategic partnership to develop, build, and operate a pipeline of utility scale ground-based PV plants at a national scale, with a specific… [Read More]

COP 27: “Loss & Damage” can become the fourth pillar of climate action, along with mitigation, adaptation and finance

COP27 saw two major outcomes on the finance front: the creation of a “Loss and Damage” fund and a call to reform international financial institutions. It made fewer, if any,… [Read More]

Solar PV windows on highly glazed skyscrapers can cut energy by 40%+

Around a third of the world’s energy consumption and CO2 emissions come from buildings. Highly glazed skyscrapers and buildings may look beautiful and let in plenty of light, but waste… [Read More]

Russia-Ukraine: Critical Infrastructure Protection from sabotage is an unprecedented challenge the EU must face now

### REGISTER NOW ### for our vitally important 2-panel event “The Energy Crisis and Russian Aggression Against Ukraine – Key Challenges for the Central European Energy Sector”, on Thursday December… [Read More]

European green steel makers are securing funding – and big customers – for production plants

European steel makers are leading the way in building the first green steel production plants. The big step forward is the securing of finance from a range of private and… [Read More]

Small Modular Reactor cost overruns: the same old problems haunt new nuclear in Utah

Much hope is being placed on Small Modular Reactors (SMR) making new nuclear plants competitive. But David Schlissel at IEEFA summarises their research into the publications, updates and statements coming… [Read More]

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