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Overcoming challenges to growth of voluntary carbon markets in Asia Pacific

todayMay 18, 2023 198


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While carbon offsets credits have already been traded in voluntary markets, a number of prevailing challenges limit the drive toward securing the integrity of VCMs. Those challenges include the absence of international rules around carbon trading; absence of harmonised financial reporting framework for emissions allowance & voluntary offsets; lack of reporting transparency and high-quality credits; and uncoordinated carbon pricing policies.

In this panel discussion, we invite investors, regulators and leaders in Asia Pacific’s carbon markets to address the challenges and opportunities in fostering green finance through developing higher-integrity carbon credits and scaling up green technologies that help us achieve net-zero ambitions:

  • Latest updates on carbon pricing mechanisms across Asia Pacific
  • Advantages and criticisms on Asian carbon markets and impacts on countries’ industries and exports
  • Lessons learned from China’s ETS and India's market simulation experiences
  • Developing technical infrastructure for reporting & monitoring of carbon markets and the technologies that enable high quality MRV mechanisms
  • Moving beyond unilateral actions: Can carbon pricing be internationally coordinated and what will it take to establish a price floor?
  • Building frameworks to assessing carbon credit integrity


  • Francis Hasek, Chief Financial & Chief Risk Officer at Viridios Capital
  • Min Li, China Representative at IETA (International Emissions Trading Association)
  • Pravin Jadhav, Head – E&S Risk; VP – Sustainability at RBL Bank
  • Toby Copson, Managing Director at Trident Markets
  • Vidur Nayar, Trader – Environmental Products APAC at Hartree Partners

Written by: Commodities People

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