Erisk In-Person

2:10 pm remove 2:50 pm

Examining the Market Environment & Risk Resilience from the Pandemic era and beyond

• Considering some of the current macro risks: post-pandemic economic issues, climate change, oil supply & demand dynamics and geopolitical issues brought by globalisation as well as energy and financial sector volatility
• Market updates and forecasts; the impact of rising energy commodity types
• Virtual working and decision making in a regulated, risk managed environment
• Credit risk effects of remote evaluation and economic instability

2:50 pm remove 3:30 pm

Developing your risk management strategy for the energy transition

• Developing your risk systems to adapt to newer environmental products and derivatives
• How is your company adapting to the impact of:
– Weather
– Environmental policies
– Clients changing preferences
• Where are the risks and the opportunities?
• Communicating on climate change: How can one avoid the greenwashing claims?

3:30 pm remove 4:10 pm

Networking Coffee Break

4:10 pm remove 5:00 pm

Technological innovations in risk management

• Digitalising energy trading risk management
• High quality data analytics to power risk platforms
• Examining risk- as-a-service models vs traditional models
• ETRMs: What do you expect from them as a risk professional? What are the risk managers' thoughts on the new ecosystem trend we see for these systems?