ESG Online 29/06

2:30 pm remove 3:15 pm
London Time

Green energy markets: What does the future hold?

Thumbnail Aditya Sharma, Senior VP, Boson Energy SA

Thumbnail Peter Styles, Executive Vice Chair of the Board, EFET

Thumbnail Fabio Casamatta, Head of Trading and Execution, A2A

Thumbnail Christian Baer, Secretary General, EUROPEX

Thumbnail Riccardo Rossi, Head of Southern Europe Origination, Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading

Are the high prices and geopolitics context redistributing the cards? In this session the panel will look at:
• Challenges and opportunities arising from current price signals in energy and carbon markets
• Drivers behind the shift towards renewables
• Functioning of power and gas markets and their role in energy transition
• Policy intervention and impact on markets
• What a green market will look like

3:15 pm remove 4:00 pm
London Time

What technologies will drive the journey to net zero?

Thumbnail Sameer Soleja, Founder & CEO, Molecule Software

Thumbnail Mark Hankins, Director Enterprise Architecture, ADM

Thumbnail Richard Williamson, CEO, Gen 10

Thumbnail Joseph Collins, Principal Consultant, capSpire

Thumbnail Ben Hillary, Managing Director, Commodities People

• What are the system requirements to incorporate carbon footprint?
• Reporting: How can technology help?
• How do we achieve more sensing and more data?
• How can trading systems support the move towards more renewable products?