ESG Online 30/06

2:30 pm remove 3:15 pm
London Time

Carbon markets: Do they still fulfil their original role i.e. help decarbonise the world?

Thumbnail Aditya Sharma, Senior VP, Boson Energy SA

Thumbnail Bruce Tozer, Strategy & Business Development, Gen 10

Thumbnail Paul Dawson, Head of Regulatory Affairs, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

Thumbnail Marie Féjoz, Senior Producer, Commodities People

• Is standardisation possible across the board? Voluntary vs non voluntary schemes
• Overcoming measurement issues
• Distinguishing direct and indirect emissions
• What’s the future of carbon markets with sustained high prices?
• Is carbon emulating? A look at plastic markets

3:15 pm remove 4:00 pm
London Time

Green financing: Looking at commodity trading through the investors’ lens

Thumbnail Paul Sebastien, co-founder – director, Climate Neutral Commodity

Thumbnail Maryana Stober, President of Wista Switzerland; Associate General Counsel EMEA, ADM

Thumbnail Carter Hoffman, Assistant Editor, Trade Finance Global

Thumbnail Swaroop N L N, Director - Alternate Distribution & Sustainable Trade Finance, HSBC

• How are your investors looking at your business? What pressures do they get and pass on?
• What are the ESG requirements at European level?
• Indicators and metrics: Is standardisation possible?