ETD Online 14th [11:00-13:00]

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Finding the golden source of data

Thumbnail Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, BP

Thumbnail Maxim Yachev, Head of Energy & Utilities Services, Scalefocus

Thumbnail Dr Dominik Stein, Head of Back Office Services, RWE Supply & Trading

Thumbnail Ed Gray, Director, PwC

A deeper look into comprehensive data management solutions
• Benefits of one robust data repository
• How data governance can be simplified
• Is there a gap in the industry for referential data services?

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What do future ETRM systems look like?

Thumbnail Richard Payne, Non-Executive, Cobblestone Energy

Thumbnail Chirag Ahuja, ETRM Support, Varo Energy

Thumbnail Richard Williamson, CEO, Gen 10

Thumbnail Dr Gary M. Vasey, Managing Partner, Commodity Technology Advisory

Thumbnail Ana García Arias, Head of GEM Digital Strategy & Cybersecurity, Iberdrola

Thumbnail Alex Whittaker, General Manager, Bonroy Petchem Co ltd

• How to make ETRM software compatible with the newest tech tools and practices
• Streamlining trading practises with automated future proof ETRMs
• Ecosystems of applications around core functionality of ETRMs
• The value of data-driven trade decision support

2:40 pm remove 3:00 pm

Case study: Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) in action

Thumbnail Addison Armstrong, Managing Director - Business Development, ClearDox

Thumbnail Michael Kelliher, Vice President-Commercial Controller, Gulf Oil

• Data bottlenecks - a major blockage to the data and digitisation strategies of many trading firms.
• How Gulf Oil have managed to mitigate this issue utilising Intelligent Data Processing (IDP) tools.
• Utilising this technology to evolve from manual data entry into ETRM/ERP to automatic transformation of paper documents into digitised data