ETD Online 29/11/22

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Digital transformation in energy trading - Are we there yet?

Thumbnail Stephanie Grunewald-Stuehrenberg, Head of Data & Analytics, Mabanaft

Thumbnail Eddie Tofpik, Head of Technical Analysis & Senior Markets Analyst, ADM Investor Services International Ltd.

Thumbnail Ian Murrin, Founder & CEO, Digiterre

• What are the current pain points?
• What are your automation and data strategies? What architecture for what objectives?
• The human resources challenge: How do you develop data-focused teams?
• How do you make sure digitalisation reaches all corners of your organisation?

3:15 pm remove 4:00 pm

Is the current context in energy trading changing your ETRM strategy?

Thumbnail Sören Eriksen, Head of Commercial Capabilities, Mabanaft

Thumbnail Sameer Soleja, Founder & CEO, Molecule Software

Thumbnail Alex Whittaker, General Manager, Bonroy Petchem Co ltd

Thumbnail Dr Gary M. Vasey, Managing Partner, Commodity Technology Advisory

• Real-time view, new risks covered - What are the changing needs of business?
• How are the systems adapting to these new challenges? Are we only playing catch-up?
• Legacy vs new modules: The former, the latter, a bit of both?