ETM inPerson – 6th

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Flexibility and storage markets: Latest developments and trading strategies

Thumbnail Charlotte Johnson, Senior Commercial Analyst, KrakenFlex, Octopus Energy Group

Thumbnail Tim Partridge, Head of DB Energy, DB Group (Europe) Ltd

Thumbnail Philip Wiltshire, Commercial Associate, Forsa Energy

• Flex and storage’s role in ongoing market volatility
• New flex technologies – what is your best route to market?
• What are the latest developments in the battery world impacting energy trading?
• Energy storage and gas balancing markets
• Is this a crossover disrupter? Is it a new product opportunity: energy and multi-industry development combined
• Ensuring resilience and reliability of power networks

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Networking Coffee Break

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PPAs future market developments, opportunities and trends

Thumbnail Riccardo Rossi, Head of Southern Europe Origination, Centrica Energy Marketing & Trading

Thumbnail Majdouline El Aasemi, Global Head of Corporate PPA / Green Energy Procurement & InstaTrust, DNV

Thumbnail Richard Murphy, Managing Director, The Energy Consortium (TEC)

Thumbnail Norbert Szalay, Global energy procurement manager, Reckitt Benckiser

• What are the key opportunities within PPA trading markets? Where are they located? Is there open access availability?
• PPAs management, pricing and new clearing solutions
• Using PPAs as a tool to manage risks and finance the energy transition
• What is the relationship between the PPA and the wholesale markets in terms of price, baseload and indexing?
• What are the implications of integrating renewable energy players in wholesale markets?