ETOT Online 12th [11:00-13:00]

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Edison BrexExperience: An excellent format for new challenges

Thumbnail Elena Cretti, Head of Back Office, Edison

• What did Brexit mean for Edison
• Review of onboarding process
• Our results and continuous improvement
• Lessons learnt for the future

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The (never ending) quest for operational efficiency

Thumbnail Dave Webb, Managing Director, capSpire Ltd

Thumbnail Sonia Ghosh, Senior Business Analyst, Vattenfall

Thumbnail Antonio Sevilla Cervantes, Head of Back Office, Endesa

Thumbnail Christian Flötotto, Director Business Change, Uniper

Thumbnail Agatha Valentina Murgoci, Senior Quantitative Analyst / Risk Management & Market Analytics, Ørsted

• Do the combined forces of remote working and Brexit give a stronger argument than ever for offshoring? If so how sustainable is it? What are the control implications?
• Which operational efficiency initiatives are yielding the greatest returns presently? What are the easy wins?
• Where can new technologies further enhance and improve automation?

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Challenges and plans of the brokers, CCPs and Clearing Banks

Thumbnail Eddie Tofpik, Head of Technical Analysis & Senior Markets Analyst, ADM Investor Services International Ltd.

Thumbnail Steffen Riediger, Director European Power Derivatives, European Energy Exchange AG

Thumbnail Mark Higgins, EMEA Product Development, BNY Mellon Markets

Thumbnail John Cunningham, Managing Director Commodities & Global Markets (Futures), Macquarie Group

• Too many broker branches to handle? Impact of Brexit and the work of EFET in this space
• How can clearing houses handle the increasing internationalisation of the markets?
• Are we keeping up with the pace of new product development?