ETOT Online 13th [11:00-13:00]

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Digiterre and EnBW in partnership: Powering EnBW’s Asset Optimisation Platform: Delivering complex technology-led change

Thumbnail Andreas Ewert, Head of Middle Office, EnBW

Thumbnail Remo Crescenti, Managing Director R. A. Crescenti Advisory Ltd.

Thumbnail Ramona Mohan, Consultant, Digiterre

• The challenges of fast changing energy markets and the need for flexible technical solutions
• Practical ways of working to deliver enterprise level technology change
• Effective technical standards and engineering good practice to deliver complex data related change

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eSM (electronic Settlement Matching) implementation: What now?

Thumbnail Gavin Ferguson, Head of Standardisation Workstream, EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders

Thumbnail Jörg Reichelt, Head of Settlement Trading, EnBW

Thumbnail Jens Bartenschlager, CEO, Fidectus

Thumbnail Graeme Bannon, Back Office Services Team – MFB-SU, RWE Supply & Trading GmbH

Commencing with an update from the EFET eSM Working Group
eSM has changed the way the European OTC markets have operated up to now. This session will look at:
• Benefits of automation and the new settlement standards
• Standardisation around settlement time: How soon can it be implemented?
• Brokers’ perspectives on eSM
• Cross jurisdictional issues

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Decarbonisation, renewables and “going green” - What does that mean for the back office?

Thumbnail Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM ISI

Thumbnail Prasanna Iyer, Senior consultant, Ørsted

Thumbnail Tom Bullock, Senior Manager, PwC

Thumbnail Paul Sebastien, co-founder – director, Climate Neutral Commodity

• What are the most relevant exchange and OTC offerings? Which are truly products of the future?
• How to handle the enormous numbers of international allowance registers?
• ESG reporting in production and transportation chains. How to calculate and report?

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Artificial Intelligence – going beyond the front office

Thumbnail László Siller, Head of development, River Commodity

Thumbnail Mike Scharf, Partner, Gravitate

Thumbnail Valentina Ravenni, Head of Digital Operations, Agile4Solutions

Panel Discussion
• Integrating AI with ongoing automation programmes: intelligent automation and hyper automation • Utilizing AI to transform compliance and risk • AI as an enabler for the energy transition • Designing an AI program for your business: what are the realistic goals, expectations, budgets, timeframes? How far ahead can you genuinely plan in such a fast moving space

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Renewables, new technology and the journey to Net Zero

Thumbnail Andrew Singleton, Partner, Baringa Partners

Thumbnail David Kane, Partner, Baringa Partners

• What are Baringa’s observations on the current market?
• Should I be worried about extreme volatility, or is this an opportunity?
• What bets are the right bets and how do I shape my change agenda?