ETOT22 – 29/09

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Reflect on liquidity management, clearing processes and transaction cost

Thumbnail Mario Claeys, Head of Exchanges - Clearing and Margining, Uniper Global Commodities SE

Thumbnail John Cunningham, Managing Director Commodities & Global Markets (Futures), Macquarie Group

Thumbnail Sean O’Brien, Head of Sales, OpenGamma

Thumbnail Christina Tarnanidou, Assistant Professor in Commercial & Financial Law, Athens University of Economics and Business - AUEB

In this section the audience will reflect on 3 topics. The structure will be the following:
15 minutes introductions
20 minutes of table discussions
25 minutes of feedback and take-aways on stage
The situations presented to the audience will facilitate discussions around key questions:
• Best practices in initial margin calls evaluation
• How can you optimise the amount you’re called for?
• How do you minimise the cash you need to set aside?
• In the context of very high margin calls, how do you guide the trading desk to minimise collateral requirement without compromising opportunities and revenue?
• Cost of trading on exchanges: Where do we see it going?
• Reacting to a sudden change in the markets: Check list for the energy trader
• Has clearing changed in light of the market volatility?

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How corporates are surviving the current environment

Thumbnail Rory Deverell, Commodity Risk Manager, StoneX

In this session, the presenter will go through the impact the energy crisis is having on companies that are very energy-dependent, covering various angles: material procurement challenges, supply chain issues, etc.

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Coffee Break

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Automation in the back office: The never-ending project

Thumbnail Juan Miguel Retamar Garcia, Head of Back Office Processes, Endesa

In this session, the audience will hear about Endesa’s journey to achieve more automation. Better understanding of the processes, communication with IT, and work organisation will be touched on as part of this very practical presentation.

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How can the back office adapt to new revenue streams and support the commercial functions?

Thumbnail Gavin Ferguson, Head of Standardisation Workstream, EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders

Thumbnail Angelica Ibarra Romero, VP Back Office Europe & US, Statkraft

Thumbnail Juan Miguel Retamar Garcia, Head of Back Office Processes, Endesa

Thumbnail Dr. Jens Bartenschlager, CEO, Fidectus

• Back to manual tasks with PPAs: How can we standardise?
• How to adapt to the specificity of asset-based transactions?
• Ramping up LNG activities: Impact on operations

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