ETRC In-Person 28/09

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Welcome from Commodities People

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Impact of recent market turmoil on energy market

Thumbnail Xavier Veillard, Partner, McKinsey

Thumbnail Joscha Schabram, Expert Associate Partner, McKinsey

• Wholesale gas price signals key to achieve “physical balance"
- Supply to Europe ramped up rapidly (diverted from other regions)
- Gas prices causing significant demand reduction
• Tight LNG supply driving correlation of gas indices globally
- Additional LNG demand from Europe results in tight market
- Gas price indices globally increasingly ‘converging

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Price volatility in energy markets: Thriving in the new abnormal

Thumbnail Christian Baer, Secretary General, EUROPEX

Thumbnail Mark Copley, CEO, EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders

Thumbnail Richard Pohl, Senior Project Manager for Green and Digital Energy, Horváth & Partners

Thumbnail Cornelia Kawann, Head of Division Market Surveillance, Federal Electricity Commission - ElCom

• A look at the past 12 months price trends: Opportunities and struggles for the front office
• From an operational perspective: What has the tightness of prices revealed? Best practices around collateral management, risk management and settlement
• Technology: What can be done to unburden other departments?
• Price caps and governments intervention: What impact for the markets? How do we restore confidence in trading?

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Security of supply vs fit for 55

Thumbnail Peter Styles, Executive Vice Chair of the Board, EFET

Thumbnail Mark Simons, Head of Gas & Power Trading Origination, TotalEnergies

Thumbnail Davide Rubini, Head of Regulatory Affairs - Gas / Power & Environmental Products EMEA, Vitol

Thumbnail Kathryn Porter, Energy Consultant, Watt-Logic

Thumbnail Mónika Zsigri, Head of Unit of DG Energy - Energy Platform Task Force, European Commission

• Do we see a shift back to fossil due to the price situation?
How can security of supply be maintained in the context of sanctions on Russian gas?
- Does Europe have any alternatives to reliance on Russian gas?
- Is LNG the solution?
- Does gas still have a role to play in the energy transition?
• What might some of the long term implications be for energy markets from current high gas prices?

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Coffee break

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Opening speech by Chairperson

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Q&A with the financial regulators

Thumbnail Dr Martin Rose, EMIR & MiFID Expert, Federal Financial Supervisory Authority - BaFin

Thumbnail Stephen Hanks, Technical Specialist, FCA

Thumbnail Gerfried Krömer, Senior Compliance Advisor, Shell Trading

Thumbnail Christian Huurman, Senior Supervision Officer Capital Markets & Data, AFM Autoriteit Financiële Markten

In this session, regulators will be answering questions from the audience, including around:
• MiFID quick fix: Position limits
• EMIR review and possible outcome?
• Cases and enforcement

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Coffee break

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Over a decade of REMIT: Challenges, lessons learnt, what next?

Thumbnail Aviv Handler, Managing Director, ETR Advisory

Thumbnail Marek Dal-Canton, Compliance Officer, Statkraft

Thumbnail Gerfried Krömer, Senior Compliance Advisor, Shell Trading

Thumbnail Sonia Auguscik, Secretary of the Trade Compliance Group, EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders

The panel will look at the various challenges faced by market participants and regulators along the way, around:
• Reporting
• Information publication
• Market manipulation

But will also answer the question: Is REMIT fit for renewables?
• Publication thresholds: What changes need to be done to cater for renewables?
• New clean energies not REMIT products - Is that meant to change?

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Roundtable discussions - RegTech

Thumbnail Eren Erman, Compliance Technology Lead - Trade & Business Communication Surveillance, TP ICAP

Thumbnail James Curphey, Compliance Manager Global Trade Surveillance America - EMEA & Asia, Shell International Trading & Shipping Company

Thumbnail Yasmine Li, Head of Surveillance EMEA, Macquarie Group

Thumbnail Oliver Blower, Group Chief Executive Officer, VoxSmart

After 5 short presentations (5minutes each), the audience will be divided into groups to reflect on a specific area, with the guidance of each presenter. After 20 minutes of debate and discussion, the presenters will be on stage to share takeaways and findings for the benefit of the whole audience.
The topics which will be discussed are:
• Communications surveillance: Where are we? What level of maturity do we see in energy trading?
• Trade surveillance in the energy space: How do you deal with intraday and spot market challenge?
• Cross market and cross product surveillance: How do you implement this?
• Regulators’ expectations around surveillance outsourcing
• Response to financial crimes: How do you embed AML transaction monitoring to your surveillance?

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Drinks reception and entertainment