ETRC Online 12th [13:00-15:00]

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REMIT: An update from ACER

Thumbnail Antonio SANTOS, Team leader Market Conduct Team – Market Surveillance and Conduct Department, ACER

Thumbnail Marketa Stuchlikova, Team Leader – Market Data Reporting / Market Integrity and Transparency, ACER

• Latest REMIT and inside information guidance
• Enforcement developments and the impact of hybrid working since 2020
• REMIT interaction with other regimes

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The new ACER guidance from the perspective of a market participant

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Panel discussion and Q&A with National Regulators

Thumbnail Aviv Handler, Managing Director, ETR Advisory

Thumbnail Prof. Dr. Sotirios Manolkidis, Vice President, Regulatory Authority for Energy (Greece)

Thumbnail Cornelia Kawann, Head of Division Market Surveillance, Federal Electricity Commission - ElCom

Thumbnail Dr Thomas Müller, Head of Market Transparency Unit for Wholesale Electricity and Gas Markets / REMIT Enforcement / SMARD, Bundesnetzagentur

• How REMIT applies to modern energy technologies e.g. hydrogen, flexibility, battery storage
• Virtual Power Plants and Balancing influence on wholesale energy prices and how REMIT applies
• REMIT recent cases explained: Lessons learnt for market participants

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UK and EU divergence after Brexit: What is the impact on energy trading?

Thumbnail Aviv Handler, Managing Director, ETR Advisory

Thumbnail Erwin Krapf, Senior Legal Counsel - International Law and Global Trading, Uniper Global Commodities SE

Thumbnail Alexander Culley, Chief Executive Officer, A.C.Culley & Co. Limited

A look at the numerous effects and results of UK/EU divergence around financial regulations and how they are processed and managed
• How are equivalence decisions made?
• What is the Brexit impact on EMIR, REMIT, MiFID and other reporting schemes? What other political issues are affecting the UK Exchanges’ business relationships from an international and European perspective?
• A look into critical contracts and position limits rules
• Overview of ancillary activities
• Ensuring brokers compliance with their wider-ranging obligations - How could that impact market participants?
• How will the future UK wholesale energy market look like?

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Gaining transparency with trade and communication surveillance

Thumbnail Oliver Spindler, Compliance Officer, Vattenfall

Thumbnail Eren Erman, Compliance Technology Lead - Trade & Business Communication Surveillance, TP ICAP

Thumbnail Roger TanCreti, Regional Head of Compliance, Gunvor USA LLC

Thumbnail Yasmine Li, Head of Surveillance EMEA, Macquarie Group

Thumbnail Tomaz Vizintin, Team Leader Market Surveillance and Conduct Department, ACER

Thumbnail Shane Henley, Head of Monitoring Solutions, CUBELOGIC

Thumbnail Patrick Woody, Sales Executive, Trade Surveillance Nasdaq

• Trade surveillance technology deployment in energy markets: What’s your approach?
• Communication surveillance tools and best practices in the context of remote/hybrid workforces
• Where does surveillance overstep the mark and become an invasion of privacy? The exceptional case of Germany
• AI and other new technologies application to trade surveillance