ETRC Online 13th [13:00-15:00]

2:15 pm remove 3:00 pm

Automated Trading Governance, Policies and Technologies: What you should be looking at as a compliance officer

Thumbnail Iain McGowan, Head of Compliance, In Commodities A/S

Thumbnail Nikos Triantafyllidis, Group Financial and Energy Markets Compliance Manager, OMV

Thumbnail Alexander Culley, Chief Executive Officer, A.C.Culley & Co. Limited

Thumbnail Henrik Kaspersen, Compliance Officer, Danske Commodities

• Focus on the current trading environment outlook: what are the best practices, rules and how they are implemented?
• The regulator’s view on setting up governance and policies. How does MiFID view automated trading?
• Is the “traderless” exchange a reality?
• At what stage is the AI implementation in the trading arena? What should compliance watch out for when such tools are implemented?
• Risk and responsibility – setting control processes
• Convergence of risk and compliance for physical automated trades