TRADERS LIVE Online 12th [15:00-17:00]

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Weaponizing the Traders’ Mind

Thumbnail Mark Randall, Trader Performance Coach / MD & Co-Founder, The AlphaMind Project

Thumbnail Steven Goldstein, Trader Performance Coach / MD & Co-Founder, The AlphaMind Project

Thumbnail Clive Lambert, Chief Technical Analyst, FuturesTechs

• From soft skill to edge builder: Mindset optimisation tactics and techniques for traders
• Mental gymnastics to upgrade your trading performance
• Deep dive into trading psychology
• A holistic approach to mindset focus and mental, emotional and behavioural challenges

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Getting the Most from Your Algo / Automated Trading Program

Thumbnail Emmanouil Galounis, Managing Partner, Vectors LLC

Thumbnail Robert Carver, Systematic futures trader and author, Independent

Thumbnail Lars Weber, Partner - Business Development, Yggdrasil Commodities

Thumbnail Amit Upadhyay, Director, Fidelis Fund

Thumbnail Ilya Murzin, Energy Trader, Novatek

• Algorithmic trading trends across multiple commodities and markets
• A deeper look into technology applications
• The different ways Algo has been used in trades and how it delivers benefit, value and profit
• AI/Algo – what are the benefits and risks in a man vs machine environment? Where should the machine end and man start?

4:20 pm remove 5:00 pm

Artificial Intelligence in energy trading – a permanent transformation of the front office?

Thumbnail Jürgen Mayerhofer, CEO & Co-founder, enspired

Thumbnail Steffen Krutzinna, Team Manager Trading, Next Kraftwerke

Thumbnail Kevin Kindall, Senior Data Scientist, Hartree Partners

• Where are we seeing AI being successfully utilised in the front office?
 • Advanced analytics
 • Driving algorithmic trading
 • Front office process automation
• What considerations are needed before embarking on your AI journey? Considering the below elements:
 • Culture
 • Organisation
 • Skills
 • Technology
 • Data
• What are the expected benefits from embracing AI, and what timeframes should you expect
• Build, buy, outsource?