HGT Online 15th

3:00 pm remove 3:30 pm

Use of Digitisation to Leverage and Develop Sustainable High Growth Trading Models and Opportunities

• Portfolio diversification through new digital trading platforms and access to new markets
• Is an algo / auto trading program for you? In which ways might you best utilise?
• Beyond algo… what AI driven tools and strategies are accessible, practical and useful for small and mid-sized traders?
• ETRMs: With more choice than ever before, how can you decide which is right for your business?

3:40 pm remove 4:20 pm

Data-driven Trading Strategies

• How do you manage optimisation across the whole business via improved data solutions?
• Risk management for corrupted data; the new operational risk
• “Data lakes”, “data science”, “big data”: Where are they applicable to you?
• From traders to data scientists? How should your recruitment plans develop in the years ahead?

4:20 pm remove 5:00 pm

Fostering Trading: What Is Your Access to the Market?

• Access via new technologies vs access via traditional intermediaries
• The tools and platforms facilitating flexibility market access
• Best practises in increasing your market access