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Keynote: Welcome, market updates from EFET

Thumbnail Mark Copley, CEO, EFET – European Federation of Energy Traders

• Post-covid introspection: Is energy trading in 2021 different from what it was in 2019?
• What can we expect to see as a result of Brexit?
• European vs UK market design

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The Future of Energy Trading

Thumbnail Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM ISI

Thumbnail Christian Moger, Business Development Director, Enverus

Thumbnail Cetin Karakus, Global Head of Quantitative and Analytical Solutions, BP

• What are the impacts and developments in the UK and Europe post-Brexit and Covid?
• The future view for energy trading
• Exploring wider areas and regions of interest for traders
• Ongoing Covid limitations and incorporation into the trading floor; expansion of virtual markets

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Technical Analysis: Looking for the Edge

Thumbnail Trevor Neil, Managing Director, BETA Financial Limited

Thumbnail Clive Lambert, Chief Technical Analyst, FuturesTechs

Thumbnail Eddie Tofpik, Head of Technical Analysis & Senior Markets Analyst, ADM Investor Services International Ltd.

Thumbnail Amit Upadhyay, Director, Fidelis Fund

• With the increased use of Algo trading, is technical analysis still relevant?
• Is liquidity too low in energy and commodity markets for technical analysis to be efficient? Does it work enough so that it MUST be used?
• Top technical analysts comment on your markets – The panellists want your suggestions

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Weaponizing the Traders’ Mind

Thumbnail Mark Randall, Trader Performance Coach / MD & Co-Founder, The AlphaMind Project

Thumbnail Steven Goldstein, Trader Performance Coach / MD & Co-Founder, The AlphaMind Project

Thumbnail Clive Lambert, Chief Technical Analyst, FuturesTechs

• From soft skill to edge builder: Mindset optimisation tactics and techniques for traders
• Mental gymnastics to upgrade your trading performance
• Deep dive into trading psychology
• A holistic approach to mindset focus and mental, emotional and behavioural challenges

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Getting the Most from Your Algo / Automated Trading Program

Thumbnail Emmanouil Galounis, Managing Partner, Vectors LLC

Thumbnail Robert Carver, Systematic futures trader and author, Independent

Thumbnail Lars Weber, Partner - Business Development, Yggdrasil Commodities

Thumbnail Amit Upadhyay, Director, Fidelis Fund

Thumbnail Ilya Murzin, Energy Trader, Novatek

• Algorithmic trading trends across multiple commodities and markets
• A deeper look into technology applications
• The different ways Algo has been used in trades and how it delivers benefit, value and profit
• AI/Algo – what are the benefits and risks in a man vs machine environment? Where should the machine end and man start?

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Artificial Intelligence in energy trading – a permanent transformation of the front office?

Thumbnail Jürgen Mayerhofer, CEO and Co-founder, Enspired Trading

Thumbnail Steffen Krutzinna, Team Manager Trading, Next Kraftwerke

Thumbnail Kevin Kindall, Senior Data Scientist, Hartree Partners

• Where are we seeing AI being successfully utilised in the front office?
 • Advanced analytics
 • Driving algorithmic trading
 • Front office process automation
• What considerations are needed before embarking on your AI journey? Considering the below elements:
 • Culture
 • Organisation
 • Skills
 • Technology
 • Data
• What are the expected benefits from embracing AI, and what timeframes should you expect
• Build, buy, outsource?

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The Rapid Rise of ESG: Impact on Energy and Commodity Markets

Thumbnail Dr. Rouben Indjikian, Professor of Management and Economics, Lecturer in Energy, Commodities, Trade Finance, Digital Economy & International Economics, School of Business & Technology, Webster University Geneva Webster University Geneva

Thumbnail Fabio Casamatta, Head of Trading and Execution, A2A

Thumbnail Harry Huang, Managing Director Gas Trading, Uniper Global Commodities

Thumbnail Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM ISI

• ESG Investment trends: how is it impacting trading firms?
• What are the key ESG linked trading opportunities?
• Market structural effects to pick up on environmental exposure of risky commodities
• How do you participate in the new product markets (green/blue gas, voluntary carbon markets, etc.)
• Existing markets (oil and heavy products) will still exist, how does the energy market expect to accommodate and still meet ESG exposure mitigation targets?

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Can oil keep on rising?

Thumbnail Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM ISI

Presentation • Short, medium and long-term term oil price overview
• What is the role and relevance of oil in a low carbon future?
• How do operational models change to adapt to the low carbon world and increase competitive edge?

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Hydrogen: The Hottest Future Market?

Thumbnail Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM ISI

Thumbnail Dr Michaela Kendall, CEO, Adelan ltd

Thumbnail Cyril Widdershoven, Founder, VEROCY

• Future scenarios for hydrogen energy market development; what needs to happen to make it a meaningful opportunity and when?
• Is it yet possible to create a standardised
• Hydrogen product for trade?
• The subsidies and investment angles
• How will energy pricing change in the years ahead as a result of Hydrogen?

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PPAs future market developments, opportunities and trends

Thumbnail Viviana Ciancibello, Business Development Expert, European Energy Exchange (EEX)

Thumbnail You Zhou, Senior Power Originator, DXT Commodities SA

Thumbnail Jorge Arenillas, VP Energy Management, Sonnedix

Thumbnail Dr. Steffen Hundt, CEO & Co-Founder, Think RE

• What are the key opportunities within
• PPA trading markets? Where are they located? Is there open access availability?
• PPAs management, pricing and new clearing solutions
• Using PPAs as a tool to manage risks and finance the energy transition
• What is the relationship between the PPA and the wholesale markets in terms of price, baseload and indexing?
• What are the implications of integrating renewable energy players in wholesale markets?

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Market dimensions of ‘Fit for 55 package’

Thumbnail Aditya Sharma, Senior VP, Boson Energy SA

• Clean Hydrogen for BEVs - price parity with diesel
• ETS Phase IV and Carbon pricing
• Fiscal concessions expected by renewable power producers for producing Hydrogen under EU's Hydrogen Strategy, 2030

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Biofuels & Biomass - driving a low carbon future, or double edged sword?

Thumbnail Moderator: Marc Ostwald, Chief Economist & Global Strategist, ADM ISI

Thumbnail Raman Kavalchuk, Chairman of the Board, Langskip Energy Nordic Oy

Thumbnail Bharadwaj Kummamuru, Executive Director, World Bioenergy Association

Thumbnail Nicki Dalgaard, CEO, Disruptive Biotrading

• A deeper look into renewable fuel global trade, supply and demand dynamics
• The role of woodchips and other organic waste
• The role of bioenergy in a climate-changing world
• How does the global Ethanol trade look post covid and in the Biden era?

Begin October 11, 2021 H 3:00 pm
End October 14, 2021 H 5:00 pm
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